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Professional Alarm System Services in Fort St. John

Do you own a large property that requires surveillance to monitor and protect the area? Enhance the safety of your property by installing alarm systems. Snider’s Electronics provides quality alarm system services in Fort St. John for commercial purposes.


Snider’s Electronics provides businesses, corporations, companies with more than 3 to 4 computers and individuals equipped with shared printers with complete networking solutions and professional security system services in Fort St. John, including intrusion alarm camera system services.

Our Services

Alarm monitoring

Alarms and security system installation

Camera surveillance

Communication services

Computer cabling and networking

Data wiring

Fibre optics


Printed test results provided

Telephone cabling

Alarm system will inform the owner of the property regarding an imminent threat or damage to the property. This is mostly useful in emergency situations such as fire, theft, medical or environmental problems.




There are two major components of an alarm system: sensors and a central monitoring station. Sensors are situated at different parts of the property and are connected to the monitoring station. Whenever these sensors are activated, they send signals to the control panel. The system will then respond based on the programming settings for that zone. The central monitoring station operates round the clock and then contacts the end user.

There are different types of sensors such as motion detecting sensors, glass break sensors, smoke and heat detecting sensors, flood sensors, temperature sensors and more to meet your different requirements.  




Need quality alarm system services in Fort St. John? Rely on Snider’s Electronics for high-quality products and services at cost-effective prices. Contact us today to learn more.

Methodical Troubleshooting

Our knowledgeable technicians conduct thorough network cable testing.

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