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When you own a commercial site or a business workplace, having the right security measures in place is essential. Get a commercial surviellance system from Snider’s Electronics in Fort St. John. 


Surveillance cameras are effective security measures you can take to ensure organizational security. Cameras covering entry and exit points as well as areas around the site help in monitoring incidents that require your attention.  
Camera systems can be viewed remotely on your smart devices, PC or laptop. This will allow viewing of incidents if an alarm does go off. You can count on us at Snider’s Electronics for assistance in acquiring state-of-the-art surveillance camera systems for your facility. We are now a Gold Hikvision Partner. 
Need quality surveillance cameras in Fort St. John?

Rely on Snider’s Electronics for high-quality products and services at cost-effective prices. Contact us today to learn more.


While the world is rapidly moving towards technological advancements, the important question of security tingles over everyone’s mind, be it residential or commercial property owners. In attempts to eradicate this concern, all of us at Snider’s Electronics offer apt and reliable solutions for surveillance cameras in Fort St. John. We also offer security system installation at affordable rates.  
The advantages of having a surveillance camera system: 


Discourage the presence of thieves: Most burglaries in houses occur after weeks and months of planning by criminals as they scout for places to enter. Having a surveillance camera installed in your residential premises often scares off criminals attempting to rob it. In cases where the burglary is carried out, the cameras record the incident, which can further be used as evidence in catching the thieves and retrieving the stolen goods.  
Help in reclaiming theft insurance: If you are a victim of a burglary, you are often required to apply for an insurance claim pertaining to thefts. This is where the presence of high-quality residential surveillance becomes more effective. You can easily validate and reclaim the damages with the footage of the incident.  
Help in checking up on one’s family: The use of residential camera surveillance systems is not just limited to protection against thefts or vandalism, but they also allow you to ensure the safety of your family members while you are at work or otherwise away from home. By using the remote monitoring feature of such camera systems, a parent can easily check on their children.  
Let’s get in touch if you are interested in learning more about the surveillance camera services Snider’s Electronics offers. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!  


Theft of valuable possessions, prevention of fraud, lowering the risk of vandalism and peace of mind is why having a surveillance camera is a must. As clear as it gets, surveillance cameras contribute to business growth in unexpected ways. 
The list mentioned below might help you in getting enlightened about the advantages of having a commercial surveillance camera installed on your premises in Fort St. John. You can also count on Snider’s Electronics for access control system installations at affordable prices.  


Helps in quality analysis and increases sales: Since almost all the surveillance cameras now come equipped with high-definition video recording, they help in making things easier for store owners in terms of making it easy to identify the customer traffic and sales patterns. This further helps you adjust your inventory so that you gain complete advantage of it.  
Offers peace of mind to business owners: Business owners are often burdened by the safety of their stocks, employees and the entire building infrastructure. Through the continuous real-time monitoring camera surveillance offers, business owners can monitor their key business aspects on a 24/7 basis from almost anywhere.  
Reduce the requirement of hiring additional security personnel: For retail organizations and otherwise, surveillance cameras offer plenty of benefits of automated security and sometimes even save investments made for additional security resources. A surveillance system efficiently monitors productivity without the added expense of hiring security guards.  


Need the help of professionals who can help you with your security system installation in Fort St. John or have any further questions about surveillance cameras? Reach out to our team at Snider’s Electronics, and we will have all your queries answered at the earliest.  


Let us help you find the right surveillance camera system that suits your needs at a price that doesn’t hurt!

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